Welcome to SecureTask

Main Features:

Automatic encryption of any number of files on your computer;
Automatic creation of strongly encrypted ZIP-like archives ;
Encryption with password and with digital encryption key;
Automatic permanent deletion of any number of files on your computer;
Automatic archiving files on your hard disk;
Automatic deletion of cookie-files;
Automatic clearing Internet history;
Automatic deletion of temporary Internet files;
Executing any number of tasks with a few mouse clicks;
Easy in use SecureTask Wizard;
FineCrypt is the only program which you can check for correctness of encryption;
10 strongest encryption algorithms, including 5 AES finalists: MARS, RC-6, Rijndael(AES), Serpent, Twofish;
4 encryption modes: ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB (see FineCrypt’s Help for details);

“There are many reasons for using encryption… A theoretically secure system becomes insecure if used by people who write their encryption keys on pieces of paper which they stick to their computer terminals.”

Peter Meyer.
“An Introduction to the Use of Encryption.”