HODL and crypto investing

HODL is technically the simplest earning scheme, but it contains certain risks. In a nutshell, it works like this: you have to buy with real money the cryptocurrency whose long-term prospects seem the most “solid” and store it in a safe place for a long time, sometimes even several years. Then, when the rate of the crypto-currency, in the investor’s opinion, has risen enough, you can sell it at a profit. Let’s find out if can i get a loan to buy crypto.

The main difficulty lies in the volatility of cryptocurrencies. When the rate starts to fall, it is very important to determine whether you need to rush to sell your savings before they have completely depreciated or if it is only a temporary crisis, so there is no point in panicking. Using your knowledge and skills, you can make patience pay off many times over.

To increase your chances, you need to gain as much experience as possible – the market is largely controlled by emotions, and no expert can 100% predict its rise or fall.

Investors are divided into two main types:

  • Some believe piously in the success of popular cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, and keep their savings in them.
  • Others are looking for alternatives – for example, investments in exchange tokens (HT, BNB, EXMO Coin, etc.) are gaining popularity. They do show good growth potential, and in addition, they are actively working and developing.

One important investing rule to remember is to never keep all your eggs in one basket. In other words, you need to diversify your investments, buying several cryptocurrencies of different types at once. Then, even if one collapses, the investor will not lose all the money. Cryptocurrency exchanges through which you can buy cryptocurrency (alternative to exchanges, if you do not plan active trading): Baksman, 24paybank, Prostocash, 60cek, Xchange, Kassa.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a gaming platform that offers its users a variety of P2E games. Here, lovers of decentralized leisure will get a lot of opportunities to both have a good time and make good money. Transparency and security ensure complete immersion. Any kind of interaction is available in the games, which will allow each user to choose a variant to his/her liking and earn cryptocurrency with pleasure.

The unique functionality of the platform generates the interest of new users. These features make spending time on Battle Infinity more interesting and profitable for players. For example, freezing a certain amount of tokens for a predetermined period of time helps to get interest accruals. The amount of profit received depends primarily on the frozen amount.

Stabilization of the price of tokens is possible due to the automated addition of liquidity to the pool. Also, the platform does not allow bots to influence the value of the player’s finances in any way. There is a transaction fee, but the accrual cannot be called significant, which allows users to stay in the black on all parameters.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a budget option where cryptocurrency mining is done on rented equipment, often located in another city or even country. Cloud servers can be used to mine Bitcoin, Dash, as well as Ethereum, Monero, and other digital assets.

The benefits of using cloud mining

  • Saving money – no need to buy expensive equipment, rent a room, or pay for electricity.
  • You can independently choose a service that provides cloud mining by reading the reviews on the Internet.
  • A large number of cloud services to choose from.
  • A variety of tariff plans and cryptocurrencies for mining.


  • Lower-income. You will earn less than with traditional mining.
  • You may come across a “high-yield HYIP” that is well disguised as a regular cloud mining service. In this case, you will only be able to earn income at the start of the project.

Earnings through a landing page

Another interesting option for making money is lending. In essence, it is lending coins at interest. A trader can give such loans to traders like himself and to cryptocurrency exchanges. The latter use banding to increase the liquidity of a particular cryptocurrency. The key advantage of banding is that one can effortlessly earn quite large amounts of money. As practice has shown, it is not possible to get such money if you use a bank deposit.

Cryptocurrency “credit” can be given by the owner of the asset:

  • Indefinitely. The interest rate, in this case, will be low, but the lender has the right to withdraw the earnings at any time.
  • For a fixed term. The interest rate is high, but the dividends received will not be able to be withdrawn before the specified time.

Cryptocurrency staking

The method of staking is now referred to by many as a kind of analog of mining. Cryptocurrency staking is, in some ways, similar to opening a deposit at a banking institution. One of the main differences is that the account is opened in digital currency. In addition, the profitability here is higher.

Every month it can be up to 3%. All the stake needs are to transfer a certain amount of selected coins to a special account on the exchange. Thus, the user will, in the long term, receive a passive income. And this is already a big plus. Also, unlike mining, there is absolutely no need to purchase any equipment.

However, there are some disadvantages to stacking. The profitability is minimal compared to other ways of earning cryptocurrency. At the same time, there is always the risk of closing the exchange. This means instant loss of capital.

You should choose the exchange carefully. The platform must be safe and reputable on the market. Only in this case will it be possible to earn. What is good about trading is that it is suitable for experienced traders as well as for beginners. And the level of profitability from this method is determined solely by the chosen digital currency.

The Coinloan platform

Coinloan (coinloan.io) is one of the industry’s largest p2p cryptocurrency lending platforms. It allows individuals to borrow money by pledging cryptocurrency investments with an LTV of up to 70%. The project practices both short-term and long-term loans (from a week to three years).

Features of the site:

  • A market participant can adjust the terms of the loan himself – term, amount, interest rate, the currency of receipt, and collateral.
  • Work is possible after passing the KYC check.
  • An unlimited number of loans can be taken at one time.
  • Minimum loan term is 7 days, maximum 36 months.
  • LTV can be adjusted from 5 to 70%.
  • Supported cryptocurrencies are BTC, ETH, XMR, BCH, CLT, ONT, and LTC as well as some stablecoins.
  • Supported fiat currencies are USD, EUR, RUB, and GBP. Payback is required in the same currency in which you borrowed.
  • Available ways to receive funds – ADVcash, Alfa Bank, SWIFT, SEPA.

So Coinloan is an interesting option for both borrowers and lenders. Importantly, everyone can find a loan here to suit their conditions if a suitable counterparty can be found. That is the essence of p2p platforms.


Binance announced it would be converting all USDC, USDP and TUSD stable coins on the exchange into BUSD at the end of this month.

Binance also announced that it will be removing all USDC, USDP and TUSD trading pairs on the exchange.

Note that these stable coins will automatically be converted into BUSD and any open trades involving these stable coins will be automatically closed and liquidated in the case of Leverage trades.

Binance’s BUSD is issued by Paxos a fully regulated Trust Company in the United States which seems to have the best track record as far as stablecoin reserves go.

Circle 2 is based in the United States and its USDC stablecoin has come to have the same kind of high quality reserves as Paxos’s BUSD albeit with slightly less regulatory oversight.

The same is true for TrueUSD and its TUSD stablecoin by contrast Tether is not based in the United States and though the reserves backing its USDT stablecoin have been improving.

They are not nearly of the same quality as its competitors this has resulted in lots of regulatory scrutiny from the United States and other countries.

Now as it so happens Binance confirmed to coin Telegraph shortly after its stablecoin enhancement that the exchange may eventually apply the same Auto conversion to Tethers USDT.

What this means is that Binance has effectively declared war on all other stablecoin issuers and that is a very big deal.

This is why it’s so odd that Circle CEO Jeremy Alaire said that Binance’s auto conversion of USDC into BUSD is a good thing for USDC consider that most active USDC trading pairs are on binance so eliminating them almost guarantees that USDC’s liquidity will be significantly reduced.

That said there is one very important factor that could protect exchanges and stablecoin issuers and that’s the adoption of US dollar stable coins which continues to accelerate as inflation continues to rise around the world and foreign currencies continue to collapse against the Greenback.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Digital money is called cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology, which has been described as secure since it can establish decentralized consensus among untrustworthy parties. Cryptocurrency blockchains function similarly to traditional bookkeepers’ ledgers, except that the ledger is digital and everyone with access to it can serve as the bookkeeper.

Cryptocurrency has been embraced by both investors and entrepreneurs around the world, with funds pouring in from all corners of the globe. Though Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most renowned cryptocurrency, there are thousands of alternative digital currencies already in existence.

Cryptocurrency is one of the newest and most exciting asset classes available to investors, and it’s fast becoming a major player in financial markets.

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, you might imagine purchasing and holding one or more crypto coins. Buying cryptocurrencies outright is typically the most popular method of expanding your portfolio’s cryptocurrency exposure, but there are a few alternative options:

Buy cryptocurrency directly: There are established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, and then there are less known coins that come out with an ICO.

Invest in cryptocurrency companies: You may invest in firms that have a minor or total focus on cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency mining companies, mining hardware manufacturers, companies like Robinhood Markets, Inc. (HOOD) and PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL), as well as other businesses with various degrees of crypto exposure, are just a few examples of where you can put your money. You may also invest in firms like MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR), which store large amounts of bitcoin on their balance sheets.

Invest in cryptocurrency-focused funds: If you don’t want to pick and choose individual cryptocurrency companies, you could opt to invest in a fund that focuses on cryptocurrencies. These funds come in the form of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), such as index and futures funds, or trusts. Some crypto-focused simply invest in cryptocurrency while others put their money into companies with a crypto focus or derivative securities, like future contracts.

Invest in a cryptocurrency IRA: A cryptocurrency IRA is a great way to invest in cryptocurrency while also taking advantage of the tax benefits of an individual retirement account. The best crypto IRA providers can help you safely store your holdings and take care of all the paperwork involved.

Become a crypto miner or validator: The most common way to invest in cryptocurrency is to mine it or be a validator in a crypto network. By doing so, miners and validators earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency, which they can either HODL as investments or trade for another currency.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a cryptocurrency exchange if you want to invest in digital currency directly:

Choose the cryptocurrency exchange you want to use. A well-known, reputable exchange with a broad range of currencies is your best option.

Create a cryptocurrency account with the exchange. To finish the registration procedure, you must provide personal information and authenticate your identity.

Create an account using fiat money. You must first deposit another currency like as US dollars into your exchange account in order to buy any cryptocurrency.

There are many cryptocurrencies to choose from, so do your research and pick the one (or ones) that you think have the most potential. You can invest in as many or as few as you want.

To purchase cryptocurrency, first find an exchange and create an account. Then follow the steps provided by the exchange to submit a buy order for your chosen coins. Finally, complete the transaction as instructed.

Your cryptocurrency will be stored in a digital wallet after your purchase is complete. The information you need to access your cryptocurrency is held in that digital wallet, which can be hosted by the cryptocurrency exchange or an independent wallet provider.

Reviewing your investment portfolio periodically is a smart way to ensure you are meeting your goals. This might include selling or buying more cryptocurrency, depending on what else is going on in your finances.

Many people view investing in cryptocurrency as a high-risk investment. The prices for cryptocurrencies, even those which are well-established, can be incredibly unstable when compared to stocks or other assets. In addition, the value of cryptocurrencies could drop sharply if there any changes made to cryptocurrency regulations – including making it illegal altogether.

Although the volatility of crypto can be a deterrent for some investors, others see it as an opportunity to make large gains. If you’re thinking about investing in cryptocurrency, do your due diligence and research each digital coin before making any purchase. Always check transaction fees when buying cryptocurrency because they vary significantly from one currency to another.

The cryptocurrency domain changes rapidly, so it’s crucial to monitor new updates that may influence your crypto assets. People who invest in cryptocurrency should comprehend the tax implications of dealing with crypto, particularly if they buy or sell anything related tocryptocurrency.

Given the riskiness of cryptocurrencies as an asset class, it’s critical not to put more money into them than you can afford to lose.

Ethereum’s merge – will it cause a problems with ETH or ERC20 tokens?

If you’re wondering where all the speculation has been coming from the answer is of course Ethereum’s transition from proof of work to proof-of-stake which is officially expected to occur between the 10th and 26th of September as per a blog post by the Ethereum foundation.

The merge itself will be preceded by the bellatrix upgrade on the 6th of September which will activate Ethereum’s consensus layer on the proof-of-stake beacon chain. The magic that happens between the 10th and 20th of September will be the actual transition of the execution layer from proof of work to proof of stake.

As amazing as it is to finally get confirmation of one of the most highly anticipated milestones in the history of cryptocurrency the fact of the matter is there could still be some unforeseen issues as was the case with the discovery of a small bug on the very day that the final dates were announced.

Don’t get me wrong Ethereum’s core developers are definitely prepared for the upgrade and have likely found all the bugs that any human being could hope to find. From what I’ve heard and seen most of the concerns are about damaging bugs in other places such as Ethereum’s decentralized applications.

As we’ve seen over the last few days there’s no shortage of leverage related to the merge and lots of this leverage is actually within Ethereum’s own defy ecosystem.

It’s possible if not likely that there could be pricing issues during the merge that lead to unwanted liquidations in some d5 protocols not only that but it’s easy to forget that centralized exchanges are effectively part of the Ethereum stack as well I’m sure many of you have seen the announcements from Coinbase and Binance that they will be pausing deposits and withdrawals for ETH and ERC20 tokens around the time of the merge.

Although Binance provided an exact date for its deposit and withdrawal pause it appears that Coinbase didn’t and I suspect that not all exchanges will provide exact dates for whatever reason.

Never mind the possibility that the exchanges which did provide dates could be forced to change them last minute. As such you should consider moving any ETH or ERC20 tokens you plan on selling on or around the merge to a centralized exchange in the next week or so.

Just make sure you’re using a regulated exchange and bear in mind that many exchanges could see outages due to all the trading activity.

Moving of your ETH and ERC20 tokens to another secure smart contract cryptocurrency could be a good way of hedging yourself against any exchange outages.

Week’s overview: FED, CPI and August expectations

Last week the consumer price index or CPI for the month of July was released by the United States bureau of labor statistics and it came in at 8.

5 percent. This was 0. 2 percent less than the 8. 7 percent that investors were pricing in and a full 0. 6 percent less than the 9.1 CPI print for june. This resulted in a rally across all asset classes as investors took the surprisingly low inflation reading as a sign that inflation might have peaked and that this means the federal reserve will not raise interest rates as aggressively when its officials come back from their break in September.

For anyone unaware the fed’s rate hikes are what has been causing the crypto market to collapse since november and if you have read about the fed’s most recent press conference you’ll know that the interest rate rhetoric alone is enough to cause markets to crash.

You’ll also know that the fed will continue raising rates until its officials are confident that inflation is headed back for the institutions.

2 target consider for a moment that the US is still a full 6.5 percent above this target even with the latest inflation reading.

This is why many experts are cautioning that the fed’s aggressive rate hikes are not done yet and on friday one of the fed’s officials explicitly stated that so long as inflation remains at these levels, quote – “we’re just going to have to continue to move rates into restrictive territory”.

This same official also specified that he and his constitutions would quote “like to see inflation running at our target which is two percent at the pce”.

For context pce is short for personal consumption expenditures. Price index the fed’s preferred inflation measure from the pce’s perspective inflation hasn’t peaked and that’s partly because the pce figures for July have yet to come out.

These are set to be released on Friday the 26th of August and if these figures come in higher then it effectively guarantees an aggressive rate hike in September. So mark your calendars and while you’re at it mark another date Tuesday the 13th of September.

This is the day that the CPI for August will be out and if it comes in cooler again then the markets will likely rally again even though the fed doesn’t pay all that much attention to the CPI when deciding on rate hikes or so they say.

How to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is bought on exchanges and is then either traded for other cryptocurrencies or stored in a wallet. The exchange you use will mostly depend on where you live. The bulk of cryptocurrency trading happens in North America, UK, China, and Korea. Coinbase is where a lot people start off because of it’s ease of use. From there they may transfer their coins to other exchanges where they can trade different types of cryptocurrencies based on market trends in hopes to make more profit.

Most exchanges will ask you to confirm your identity by uploading a picture of your driver’s license and maybe another photo of yourself to confirm it is actually you. Identity confirmation criteria varies between different exchanges.

Getting Started on Coinbase

We will use Coinbase in our example since it is the exchange used most by beginners. Go to coinbase and follow the steps to sign up. You will need to verify your phone number and identity before you can deposit and withdraw funds from Coinbase. During the signup process coinbase will make two small transactions on your visa of $1.xx and ask you how much the transactions were in order to verify your credit card. If the transactions do not so up right away on your online banking try giving your bank or credit card provider a call. It might be a good idea to give them a call anyway and let them know you’re buying cryptocurrency as some banks will temporarily freeze your card if they have not been notified.

Once you are signed up and verified you can now purchase bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies. The process for buying each is the same. We will go through the process of buying bitcoin now.

Buying Bitcoin on Coinbase

Step 1: Log into coinbase and click on “Buy/Sell” in the top navigation

Step 2: From here you can buy or sell a number of cryptocurrencies. Make sure you are on the “Buy” tab and you have Bitcoin selected. Choose your payment method and the amount of bitcoin you wish to buy. Your fees are automatically updated on the right as you enter your purchase amount. Click on “Buy Bitcoin Instantly” to continue.

Step 3: A confirmation page shows up to confirm your purchase. It will show how many bitcoin you are buying, the price it costs, and what your fees are. Click “Confirm Buy”

Your coinbase account will be credited with your bitcoin within a few minutes. It takes a little time for the transaction to take place so don’t worry if it takes a little while. Sometimes the system gets bogged down during busy times.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions. One of the main benefits of cryptocurrency is that it can be decentralized. Transactions can go from point A to B without a payment service in the middle such as a bank or payment gateway. Another one of the major benefits is that it can be somewhat anonymous, with the only thing being traceable is the wallet address.


Bitcoin was the first one of these cryptocurrencies and the first to hit the mainstream. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Nobody knows exactly who Satoshi is, or if it was a group or an individual. Since then multiple cryptocurrencies have emerged. Each one has their own name but you will often hear of people referring to it as either Bitcoin or Altcoins. An altcoin is essentially a cryptocurrency other than bitcoin.


Side Note: Although you will most often hear of cryptocurrencies in the context of currency, there are also types of cryptoassets which use the same technology for other uses, such as ownership of items.


Cryptocurrencies use cryptography along with a public ledger that anybody can download and view. This public ledger is stored on what is known as the blockchain. We will explain the blockchain in more detail later, but for now just think of it as a bunch of transactions stored in blocks. As new transactions happen more blocks are added to the blockchain. Before blocks are added to the blockchain they need to be verified. Computers that verify transactions are called miners. You’ll often hear of bitcoin mining. What these people are doing is verifying transactions for a reward.


There have been many attempts to create a digital currency before bitcoin and cryptocurrency came around. One of the major problems they struggled to overcome was the double spending problem. Double spending means spending the same money twice. This problem is solved by having multiple miners verifying a timestamped transaction. As soon as you spend your bitcoin it will show up as a pending transaction on the network. It then needs to be verified by multiple sources before it is confirmed and then added to the blockchain. If someone tries to spend some bitcoin and then tries to spend the bitcoin again before the previous transaction is confirmed then the first transaction is considered the real transaction and the second one is simply rejected by the system